Friday, December 19, 2014

Differences between living in London and Kuala Lumpur

After staying in London for 2 and a half year, not to say long, not to say short.
I have to say that living in London is of course different than living back in my home country, differences in culture, people, languages and many more but it is kind of interesting to learn along the way. 

1. For the first time in my life, I am proud of knowing how to speak 4 languages.

Well done Malaysian! It is compulsory for us Malaysian to learn at least 2 languages in our school which is Malay, English. but in my case, I know how to speak Malay, English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Hooraayyy! I always never thought it is going to be so useful until I came to London. My classmates around me are fascinate because I can communicate with different nationality students. I even thought of giving up my chinese subject during my high school, thankful to my parents who forced me to finish it till the end :P

2. Foxes

In Malaysia, we see stray dogs everywhere. But in London, no dogs but foxes and they are extremely noisy when they mate. It sounds like baby crying, my god. Lol

3. The eye contact when you see another asian

I don't know is it because asian is the minority here in UK, that weird eye contact when you see another asian coming across you. OMG I never had this feeling back in Malaysia, probably we see asian every second. But in London, when you see another asian the eye contact is...... REALLY WEIRD.

4. Claim that we asian look all the same

ALL THE SAME? WHAT. ARE YOU BLIND. yes, as if there is many minions of me running around, lmao?

5. Sleeping early
No yamcha place to hangout, what else to do? Restaurants in London are freaking small, during dinner time you don't even want to stay a minute longer after you finished your meal. They will just bring you the bill, and it means - Get the F*uck out from the restaurant I need to spare some space for other customers. Other options? Cafes. Well... Small & Pack, so suit yourself. I am going to go home sleep, or come to my house and I make you some tea better?

6. Lots of parties

Too many parties, depends on what kind of environment, music, people you like to party with. Raver like me? Ministry of sound. Any parties you name it, London has it all. 

7. They drive like (*&^%$#@$%^&*()*&^%$#@

I never drive in UK, because I don't have a car and I don't have a license. Our malaysian license is not recognise here , thats really frustrating :( But its okay, I always get to see at the passenger seat which drivessssss me crazzzzyyyyyyyy when I see other cars are driving stupidly. I had to help to hit the horn like I always did in Malaysia, wtf made me mad even though I am NOT THE ONE driving. I have to admit that I cannot tolerate people who drive stupid, example from the third lane taking more than 7 secs to cut through to the first lane, OMGGGGGG ARE YOU TURTLE. One thing good is, UK people don't really use horn. IMAGINE ME? Pressing horn to me is like saying hello.  Very bad, I know very bad.

8. Ask them to pronounce Thor and Fall, Flour and Flower

IT DRIVES ME CRAZY AS WELL. We malaysian speak American English, well I don't know is it for everybody, But it is definitely for me because of our culture is been heavily influence by the Americans by the movies, television shows, magazines, musics and more. This is where the problem arise, when an american speaker speaks to british speaker.

I prounce Flour as "FLAAAAR"
They pronounce Flour as "FLOWER/FLOUER"

If they ask me for Flour, I probably get confuse and give them sunflowers. Lol
So if you have any british friends, ask them to pronounce Flour and Flower, it will makes you confuse and probably them too. Lol

I pronounce Thor as "T-H-O-R"
They pronounce Thor as "FALL" They actually silence the "TH" replace it with "F"
now this is some extreme confusion
Experiment this with your british friend, try asking me to say " THOR FALLS IN THE MALL" you probably hear a double FALL. 

It actually got my head spinning for a while to get adapt with British English, and also lots of arguments between me and my British friends about the differences in our English, lol But is okay, as I say I learn along the way :)

9. My American english speaking got them confused, makes me sounds like a total bimbo. 

I say that everydayyyyyyyy so they called me dumb blonde, but I am not blonde? WTF?

Of course they are many more differences but this is how much I can think about for now, but each differences kind of let me think a little bit of why is it different from me, and I tend to learn and adapt from them as well, it is kind of a good learning experience learning from different kind of people and I enjoy it very much :)
Okay signing off soon, Im going to prepare some dinner for a pre xmas celebration soon
everyone have a merry xmas and a happy new year 
will blog again real soon, because I am having holiday soon 

Lots of loves, xx

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  1. Happy new year, Angelyne!!
    Perhaps you should do one for the differences in food between Malaysia & the UK. That would prove your Malaysian-ness.