Friday, June 6, 2014

Late post - January 2014

I finally got back my laptop fixed by Apple, damn it. It cost me 66 pounds just for inspection fees!!
while back in Malaysia there is no inspection fees or what so ever, unless any parts of your laptop is needed to be fixed -.-
urrggghhh angry max!
Is okay now, as long as my laptop is in a good condition now so I can blog now :D
well as I missed out blogging for 9 months, now I am back to blog as much as possible!

I love good food, if is not because of wanting to look slim and healthy, I would have just eat whatever I want, eat until I get poooooorrrrrrrr! Lol 
Girls problem = wana eat but don't wana get fat. Which is mostly impossible, life? :(
I have been craving for oysters for a long time, I don't really eat seafood a lot. but only oysters, I CAN SWALLOW THEM. hehehehee
went to a fine dine restaurant famous for their oysters
 Appetizer. rocket salad

nom nom nom

 love the ambiance of the restaurant 
it was quiet, I didn't even wana talk so loud. lol
but despite the food was so little, not enough for a big stomach like me
I had to go to Chinatown to eat more food after that, Lol

The staff were very efficient,explained to us about the varieties of oysters
service was excellent, but it was bit pricey. Well, it is a fine dining restaurant, what you expect?
I prefer to go to Borough market to eat as much oysters as I can which the price is not so pricey
It is better that I go to the sea and pick oysters for myself then I will be happier, hahaha
probably eat until I get diarrhea . Loool

 all these pictures were taken before I head back to Malaysia for Chinese New year.
well its a long time, but hahaha still wana blog about it . lol

 food I cooked myself. teehee
well living in overseas alone, you have to save yourself. cannot afford to eat out every time, lol
especially when you're in a saving mode -.-

 While I was working back then for a money transfer company
work outfit of the day. Lol

 outfit of the night 
loving my furrrrrrr top, it is soooo comfy and warm inside :P
thanks to my mom who bought it. 
guess how much it was?
she bought it for just 5 pounds, because there was hole on the piece, she bought a bargain and sew it back nicely for me. haha I have a lovely mom :P

 East London , Canary Wharf. The place that I dreammmmmm of working at :(
lovely night view beside thames river

 and food again at Tgi's Friday
this is some monster awesome burger. Lol in the end I couldn't finish it -.-
I thought I could finished it, but I sucks!

 Bbq spare ribs

 Aweeeesomeeee appetizerrrrrr

 Food I made again. 
omg I think the food I make now is so english. Lool 
well, it is easier than cooking chinese. Save me some time!

 Ok. I don't know why I upload this picture again. Loool

 this is some raw beef with raw egg 
everything raw, I can really eat raw food, but I think this taste weird. 
i don't know what it is called, but if you happen to see this try ordering it and tell me how you liked it. lol

Favorite! I love korean pickles especially kimchi

and not forgetting korean BBQ

 Ok. My winter look. 
Mom even said that I look like eskimo from siberia or something -.-

 Helped my flatmate for her fashion work. this picture was taken right outside my flat. Lol
it was so cold and I had to wear so less, haha 
this is her designed outer jacket. well I am not sure how to wear it, I just enjoyed standing there awkwardly when everyone passing by looking at me. Loool

 and my another male flatmate, friend with him to bits :p

light make up

 ready to go out for a jog in a sunny day 

 made my simple dinner again
fried spinach with shrimps and wheat pasta with soft boiled egg, there goes my dinner

 after gym session, selfie time. Lol
I had to quickly take a selfie, in case anyone sees it. hahaha that is going to be awkward

 and of course one of my favourite cuisine, vietnamese food
back in Malaysia, I never really go into vietnamese restaurant because I couldn't find any good ones
until I came to London I have lots of friends which is vietnamese they brought me to this and there place to have vietnamese food then only I started liking it
p/s : there are lots of vietnamese in UK, thats why the standard of their food is better than in Malaysia I think. Not as much vietnamese people in UK compared to Msia though

 Beef pho noodle what I always order, teehee

 combo with everything inside, beef meat, beef meatballs, beef soup and I don't know what else
I definitely cannot finish this, loool

 Dessert time at Bubba Jam @ Chinatown 
looks like durian pancake but is not?
hong kong dessert is loveeeeee :D

 well not all for me, sharing for all. 
Im dieting now, looking at these seriously killing me now-.-

 and I am proud to say that I roasted the duck myself :D:D
I wash the duck, boil the duck, marinate the duck, brush the duck, sayang the duck. Loool
apparently you really need to put salt all over and sort of give the duck a "massage" 
is gay I know :( 
stupid google asked me to do it !!
it was my first experience, so I had to follow everything it says on the list 

 after roasting it, happily seeing it looks so tasty and then problem came
well, I seriously  need a chopper for it, but I don't have it at home. This chopper we have in the house, wasn't sharp enough

 it took me quite a while to cut this duck into half, wtf 
and then I couldn't be bothered to chop into quarter 
just tear and eat yourself like a caveman. LOL
rating my own duck ; 5/10 
well of course it is not gonna taste sooooo good like Chinatown cripsy skin and so on :(
just give me a like for a first timer 

 homecook beeefffff nooodleeeee againnnnnn
I can't get enough of beef noodle !!

 one of the days happened in Brixton 
had to queue to get into the tube station, wth -.-

 high tea session with my thai friend

 weekend spend some time with flatmates 
served big portion of breakfast :D

 and again home cook vietnamese beef noodle 

 hahaha beef noodle and us. Thanks for inviting :p

 Hi. My name is scallop. Lol

 It was Laura's birthday 
we look alike in this picture 

me giving puppy eyes because I want more food, hahaha

 Okay bear with me last few food pictures to end with this post
please I have so many food pictures doesn't mean that I eat good food everyday
all these pictures r accumulate within few months
if you really want to see my everyday food, you will be bored
usually I am always on my diet, so yeah 
might as well take nice photos of nice food that I have once in a while to post, teehee
so thats why it looks like I go on a food fest everyday or what, looool

 Summer roll

 Sushi buffet @ Camden 
this is evil, because is buffet. You can eat as much as you want, Lol

Okay thats it for today. 
pictures that was taken last few months before I went back Malaysia for Chinese New year
next post would blog about me in Malaysia, went back to my home country after one and a half year
feels like god going back eat like mad
there are more fooood pictures coming up more :P

have a great day everyone x