Thursday, April 24, 2014

Finally back to blog again!

Hi everyone I am back to blog again finally after 8-9 months leaving my blog dead
I actually private it,some of my readers came asking me did I deleted my blog, ah damn
as you can see my blog is quite empty right now
the photos from my old posts are gone from Picasaweb or google whatever it is
so I might as well delete them
getting to know my photos are gone, I was quite frustrated and upset at the same time because I used plenty of time to blog about it and took me quite some time to actually chose the nicest pictures of all to upload it. haha!

I always want to blog during these 9 months, but I just couldn't be bothered because my blog was in a mess?
I actually did miss my blog ALOT. Just felt like writing, expressing my feeling a lot?
these few months when I wasn't blogging, I seldom bring out my camera as well because I knew I was not going to blog about it so I got lazy as well. All I ever used was my stupid iPhone camera photo quality sucks big time. Lol 
Fffff.. I don't even know where I put my camera now, I think I lost the charger? Dammmnn
this is the problem when you leave something too long and can't be bother to find it -.-
when I was blogging earlier, my camera used to follow me everywhere
whatever I do, eat , sleep, rave, my camera is my eyes I just snap whatever I see is nice so I can keep it as memories
I think I should do it again I guess. 
Looking back at old pictures make me feeeeel DAMN, I ACTUALLY HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE

today I sat down at home used 3-4 hours to fix my blog and I know nothing much has changed but still... for this kind of computer technical noob for me, I think I have done a great job. LOL
well, my blog header is the same.. no new picture, that's why is the same old boring one! How sad, lol
gotta take some new picture and change my header as well so stay tune for that
changed the template as well and added this and that so on.. bla bla.. 
The content part, well.. I have been away for too long so I don't know where to start? 
I probably need some time to blog about all

Anyway, just to let you all know my old reader, new reader, people who accidentally click inside here ... LOL
I am back to blog again!!
I take it as a fresh start, because I start from 0 again ( I really do miss a lot of old posts but urgghh pictures all gone !! )
I hope you all be patient with my blog 
I will try to blog better :D

( In case you're new to my blog, every post I will end it with my selfie picture or whatever picture I wish to put because I don't want my blog to look like some news article or something. Lol so don't mind me)

Have a nice day, hehe xx


  1. I'm ur old reader and im happy to see that u are back!!!...

    1. thank you :) thanks for ur patienceeeeeeee

  2. I did accidentally click back here. Glad to know that you are back!