Monday, April 28, 2014

Trip to Venice

Today I am going to blog about my trip to Venice
I remember last September when I finished my last semester in uni, my mom came to uk to visit me 
so we went to Venice for a few days
well, my mom have been there before but it was like 20 years ago.. just me, my first time :D

Besides, all the pictures below are from my camera. I didn't take a lot of picture of myself on my camera because I asked my mom to use her iPad instead to take mine. 
I was so lazy to switch camera all the time after all it was both of us
so imagine how troublesome it is, when i help her to take pic and her turn to help me take pic switching camera all the times
but then she lost the photos from her iPad. so all my picture gone. LOL
so this post going to be only Venice & my mum. hahaha
thats what all I left? haha!
 my mom at train station waiting to depart 

I remember I went on a walking tour with my mom, but most of the places I went I didn't remember the name. 
Imma going to just post pictures and share how Venice looks alike but don't ask me what is this and that
this is the problem when you drag too long to post about your trip. Lol

 Well Venice isn't that big at all actually. You can finish walking around within one or two, well I finish touring within 1 day. but it was a long ass walking journey. LOL
I took boat as well to Murano Island that manufactured glass

 Mom is a poser. hahaha

 Came bad timing, part of it was under construction at that time

 their main transport is by boat. wherever u go is either u walk or u take their taxi which is the boat. Lol kinda cool though

 I kinda like wana swing from the left to the right doing some mission impossible moves
come on , tell me if there is any countries look like that... Lol
i think some of the movies are film in Venice too, is always like fighting movie or something
if I'm not mistaken? loool

 I don't know how to read bla bla bla

 photobomb the girl looks pretty. HAHA

 Actually Venice is... hmmm, kinda disappoint me a little?
in picture it looks so nice, but actually the river smells though
my mom told me when it was like 10 years ago, it didn't smell like that 
probably now is one of the main place to go in Italy, super tourist attraction city that is why they didn't take care that much?
it really smell bad when u walk beside the canal :(
hope they gonna do something with that
It really smells like some dead fish market or something -.-

I went to this massive book shop, selling messy books. Lol
nop I did not buy anything
I didn't even want to touch it, its too messy, oh lord. How people gonna find a particular book in there?

Yes like 3D able to pop your eyes. Lol!
Only these two books catch my attention, I flipped a few pages
dammmnnn, naked people photos
should have buy it for souvenirs or something. Lol

not my camera angle problem
the building was about to fall. Lol

Mummy love

Basically that's all for my 3 days trip in Venice
I haven't been travel to the other parts of Italy, one day I will :D
Omg I feel so useless which I can't blog properly for this post, because I can't remember most of the things !!! its been too long :(
well, the only thing I can remember the food in Venice is not cheap, comparable to London price
probably it is a tourist place again, that is why maybe?

Done blogging, Imma take a rest
have a great day people xx