Friday, December 19, 2014

Differences between living in London and Kuala Lumpur

After staying in London for 2 and a half year, not to say long, not to say short.
I have to say that living in London is of course different than living back in my home country, differences in culture, people, languages and many more but it is kind of interesting to learn along the way. 

1. For the first time in my life, I am proud of knowing how to speak 4 languages.

Well done Malaysian! It is compulsory for us Malaysian to learn at least 2 languages in our school which is Malay, English. but in my case, I know how to speak Malay, English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Hooraayyy! I always never thought it is going to be so useful until I came to London. My classmates around me are fascinate because I can communicate with different nationality students. I even thought of giving up my chinese subject during my high school, thankful to my parents who forced me to finish it till the end :P

2. Foxes

In Malaysia, we see stray dogs everywhere. But in London, no dogs but foxes and they are extremely noisy when they mate. It sounds like baby crying, my god. Lol

3. The eye contact when you see another asian

I don't know is it because asian is the minority here in UK, that weird eye contact when you see another asian coming across you. OMG I never had this feeling back in Malaysia, probably we see asian every second. But in London, when you see another asian the eye contact is...... REALLY WEIRD.

4. Claim that we asian look all the same

ALL THE SAME? WHAT. ARE YOU BLIND. yes, as if there is many minions of me running around, lmao?

5. Sleeping early
No yamcha place to hangout, what else to do? Restaurants in London are freaking small, during dinner time you don't even want to stay a minute longer after you finished your meal. They will just bring you the bill, and it means - Get the F*uck out from the restaurant I need to spare some space for other customers. Other options? Cafes. Well... Small & Pack, so suit yourself. I am going to go home sleep, or come to my house and I make you some tea better?

6. Lots of parties

Too many parties, depends on what kind of environment, music, people you like to party with. Raver like me? Ministry of sound. Any parties you name it, London has it all. 

7. They drive like (*&^%$#@$%^&*()*&^%$#@

I never drive in UK, because I don't have a car and I don't have a license. Our malaysian license is not recognise here , thats really frustrating :( But its okay, I always get to see at the passenger seat which drivessssss me crazzzzyyyyyyyy when I see other cars are driving stupidly. I had to help to hit the horn like I always did in Malaysia, wtf made me mad even though I am NOT THE ONE driving. I have to admit that I cannot tolerate people who drive stupid, example from the third lane taking more than 7 secs to cut through to the first lane, OMGGGGGG ARE YOU TURTLE. One thing good is, UK people don't really use horn. IMAGINE ME? Pressing horn to me is like saying hello.  Very bad, I know very bad.

8. Ask them to pronounce Thor and Fall, Flour and Flower

IT DRIVES ME CRAZY AS WELL. We malaysian speak American English, well I don't know is it for everybody, But it is definitely for me because of our culture is been heavily influence by the Americans by the movies, television shows, magazines, musics and more. This is where the problem arise, when an american speaker speaks to british speaker.

I prounce Flour as "FLAAAAR"
They pronounce Flour as "FLOWER/FLOUER"

If they ask me for Flour, I probably get confuse and give them sunflowers. Lol
So if you have any british friends, ask them to pronounce Flour and Flower, it will makes you confuse and probably them too. Lol

I pronounce Thor as "T-H-O-R"
They pronounce Thor as "FALL" They actually silence the "TH" replace it with "F"
now this is some extreme confusion
Experiment this with your british friend, try asking me to say " THOR FALLS IN THE MALL" you probably hear a double FALL. 

It actually got my head spinning for a while to get adapt with British English, and also lots of arguments between me and my British friends about the differences in our English, lol But is okay, as I say I learn along the way :)

9. My American english speaking got them confused, makes me sounds like a total bimbo. 

I say that everydayyyyyyyy so they called me dumb blonde, but I am not blonde? WTF?

Of course they are many more differences but this is how much I can think about for now, but each differences kind of let me think a little bit of why is it different from me, and I tend to learn and adapt from them as well, it is kind of a good learning experience learning from different kind of people and I enjoy it very much :)
Okay signing off soon, Im going to prepare some dinner for a pre xmas celebration soon
everyone have a merry xmas and a happy new year 
will blog again real soon, because I am having holiday soon 

Lots of loves, xx

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How I understand British English as a Malaysian

So I live in London for two years now, I have found some differentiation between the locals and us Malaysian from the way we speak 
hahaha somehow is quite funny when I am writing point forms about it
flashing back how I used to be so silly not understanding what were they saying it
please believe me it took me quite a while to adapt and actually guessing what the hell were they talking about. Lol
so I am going to list out some, well for now what I can think of?
which is quite different from the way we Malaysian speak and the local british speak
if you have not talk or communicate with a British before, Lol 
let me tell you few of the points please, brush up and tryyyyyyy remembering it

1.  What's happening means how are you
I remember the first time when someone greet me with
"Whats happening?"
I was thinking 
"What is happening?? Nothing is happening? I was just walking to get my tea like duhhhh??"
LOL after a few times of whats happening, then only I finally understand it means how are you
thanks god I wasn't that dumb to answer

2. You alright means how are you too
Well, instead of what's happening, there is you alright too
 You alright?
I was thinking again : Do I look not alright excuse me? Ugly or what? Whats wrong with my hair/face/skirt/ass/make up/body/necklace/finger/shoes? 
LOL it actually makes me feel like as if I have something stuck on my teeth or what so ever
so don't feel offended when the british try asking you alright, it doesn't mean you are not alright.

3. mate means bro/buddy
In malaysia, we kinda like "bro" everyone. Hey bro, bye bro, wan eat bro, yamcha tonight bro
whoever we talk with, we like to add a bro before and to end a sentence
same as the british, instead of calling "bro", they call each other "mate"

4. chips mean fries
In malaysia, we called fries like french fries. They called it, chips. Like fish & chips, understand it that way so is easier. 
so move to the next point

 5. crisps means chips
In malaysia, we called potato chips. They called it crisps
I hope I am not confusing you at this point. Lol with the chips fries crisps chips
there was one point, I told my friend that I craved for chips means potato chips in our malaysian way and my friend brought me to a chicken and chip shop which sell fries 
I felt like my brain was gonna burst, MISCOMMUNICATION LOFL 
I was like IS CHIPS NOT FRIES and my friend was like IS CRISPS NOT CHIPS

6. film means movie
Hey do you wana watch film? I was like, did you meant "movie"? LOL
Film to us Malaysian is like

movie to us like 

and the british understand "film" and "movie" the same thing. Is just that they used the word "Film" more than "movie" a lot.

7. stupid & dumb is a strong word
I know Malaysian like to use these two words so often, almost everyday in our conversation
and we don't really care or mind about it so much
hhmm.. well it still depends on some cases or people I guess? but usually we don't really give a damn. Lol
but when I said that to my british friend, and they got offended. Oopssss!
you really want to avoid these two words when speaking to them

8. ok cool means yea is fine
Ok, this apply to texting. 
The first few times my british friends replying me "ok cool",
 it gave me the feeling like they don't wana talk to me, 
can't wait to end the conversation, like really so cool or what?! Lol
give you an example on text
MAKE ME WANA BURST LMAO *&^&^$%#%$#^(&(&(
probably is just the way we text is different, and especially when you cannot see any emotions of tha person you are texting with. 

9. chilly means cold
I have to admit this point is funny
you know UK weather is always cold, what we malaysian will usually say?
and they will say
is kinda chilly tonight 

we used "chilli" this word a lot in Malaysia so when people pronounce something similar to it
 the first thing that goes to your head is "chilli" instead of "chilly"
it just comes naturally into your brain,
I don't know about other people, but is for me though. Lol probably my brain is kinda slowwww

10. cheers means thanks
another point, that made me go questions mark all over my head before. Lol
remember the first day of school, went to buy gum in Tesco 
the cashier guy said CHEERS to me after I paid for my items
I was like thinking inside my heart, WHERE'S MY BEER THEN, LMAO 
I had no idea what he was saying, I thought he was drunk or something... but after then when time passed by, I realise everyone say cheers to each other to express thanks/appreciation to each other. Lol so I pick up from there, aha
mostly likely "cheers" in Malaysia means cheerrrsss with pint of beers, thats what we mean cheers. 
probably we use in text messages, we do text cheers (well, not much though). But we don't say it out?

11. when they say "water," you don't wana know what are they saying 
In british english, they mute the "t" in the word
well it was quite noisy too at that moment
bar tender : YOU WANT SOME WA-ER?
bar tender: HUHHHHHH??????
back and forth wa-ter and wa-er !!!!
pissed me off :(

12. sick means awesome
You get it now? -.-

13. wicked means awesome too
ok fine.

14. init means isn't or right?
lazy way of saying isn't it. used by roodboys who's reputation precedes them,only before they trip over it and make a total fool of themselves. used at the begining or end of sentences by roodboys in groups.
roodboy 1:init man, that war well good 
roodboy 2:yeah, it was heck tick init

I kinda copied this from google. Lol 
Is more like an informal way, you don't wana init init init all the way in the office with your boss please

Thats all I can think about right now
I wana say THIS IS CASE TO CASE BASIS, not for all Malaysian, not for all British 
this post is basically to say me, like what I have been through. Lol
I believe most of the Malaysian may feel that way, or not? I don't know.
is just meant to be not a serious post, not trying to offend anyone 
I still respect my way, their way, whoever way of speaking english
it just really took me quite some time to understand everything
well.. not everything still -.-
I am still trying to adapt, wait till I can camouflage. Lol

cheers x

Food to eat in Malaysia

Finally I move on to my February post!
after one and a half year of staying in London, decided to go back to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New year with my family
it was quite excited for me go back, because I missed my family, my bedroom, my friends and local food so much!!
I have to warn you again, this post is full of food picture, haha
for the readers that are from Malaysia, these food would look familiar to you
and to the readers have no idea what or how is Malaysian food looks like 
let me introduce to you one by one :P
you can take it as a food guide if you planning to visit Malaysia!

I look like a kid here in this picture. Lol 
thank to him to send me & my flatmate to airport
I didn't fly back alone, my flatmate was flying with me as well 
thanks god I was not alone for the 13 hours flight
I really dislike sitting airplane because is so uncomfortable (well, no money to take business class right, haha)
13 hours flight was a long ass flight, cannot imagine if I have to travel to US
probably take the whole day 24 hours for me to travel, Lol
my legs go numb, I need to jog around the plane. haha

 Right before I went back to Malaysia, had extra big english breakfast at the airport to fill up my stomach so I don't miss British food for the few months time :P

the first meal I had when I arrived Malaysia
my favourite Win Soon Fish Head Noodle

The first person I met when I arrived Malaysia which was my Bff - Kittie
she picked me up from the airport so happy to see her, as usual we did stupid things together again. Hahaha
we know each other for almost 8-9 years, but things haven't change yet so far
is being crazy together. LOL
probably we are just born for each other, hahahahah

Claypot Chicken Rice with Chinese Sausage & Salted Fish
is so suffering for me to blog about it right now with all the food that I cannot have it now :(
basically I am blogging about this in London right :(
when you stay in overseas, you just make your own food that you missed back home 
I cooked this with my rice cooker instead of using claypot, Lol

sorry picture mixing up, hahaha there goes a selfie.

 Sarawak Noodle 
basically this is one of my favourite, I am a big fan of noodle 
I can live without eating rice, but not noodle. Lol
this noodle can't be found anywhere in London, the variety of noodles we have in Malaysia is so much
especially this softtttt noodle, omg I wana have a bite nowwww :(

 Popiah with shrimps inside
they also called that thin wafer, it looks like the vietnamese summer roll, haha

 and also walked around in the market with my mom
 I went back few days earlier to Malaysia before Chinese New Year so I got to relax for a few days before I went back to my hometown

 I went back to Malalysia for around 2 and a half months, all I did was just stay home, catch up with my friends, most of the times I was at home. Lol
the weather was too hot, I didn't want to go out in the afternoon
you can say I am like a night ghost, only want to go out when the sun goes down
I wanted to get rid of the jam  and I am not really good in directions
even though I have lived in Malaysia for 22 years, but still my sense of directions sucks!
2 years in London, and wtf I still can get lost in the middle of the city

so went out to the market to grab some thai food with my mom
Mango rice one of my favourite thai dessert
sluuurrrrpppppppp :P

 Papaya spicy salad
I couldn't eat that, one mouth and my lips was burning hell!
I am a Malaysian but I can't eat spicy, lol

 my lovely mom good in eating spicy, thumbs up for her!

 Chinese New Year eve went to my aunt's house to have family dinner
home made yu sheng
I notice that in London chinatown, nobody eat yu sang except for the Malaysian restaurant that sell it
well I guess is more like a Malaysian thing 
to anyone who don't know what is this, this is more like raw fish salad. haha
they put raw salmon with shredded vegetables and sauces, mixed it together
the reason of eating this is because Yusheng literally means "raw fish" but since "fish (鱼)" is commonly conflated with its homophone"abundance (余)", 
Yúshēng (鱼生) is interpreted as a homophone for Yúshēng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance. 
Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigour.
I kinda like copied from google, I want to find out what exactly I ate that for too actually. Haha!

 Steamboat at home
well, in UK they called it Hotpot
Hhhmm... I think is the Malaysian that only called it Steamboat. Lol?

 Foood all over
how not to gain weight when I was back to Malaysia? -.-

 teochew meatball. I love eating it, haha 
Fyi, I know it looks red but don't worry is all cooked
it is like more meat under the meatball. Slurrrpppp 

 First chinese new year red packet

 Chinese salty sweet dried meat 
is a chinese new year must to eat!
I can't eat much because it is too sweet, and your jaw get tired eventually when you chew too much of the meat. Is too chewyyyyyy!

 not forgetting the home made biscuits too!

 getting out really late at night for supper 
I can't do this in London, haha probably freeze to death!
enjoy my roti pisang with curry and milo ice at the road side to chillax with my friends

 first day of CNY, gave my mom tea to drink so I can get her red packet :P
excuse my fellow dogs haha

going back to my hometown

 since all the chinese hawker stalls were close on the first day of CNY 
so we had to go to OldTown place to have our meal before we head back to our hometown with 2 hours journey drive

Steam bread with kaya and butter


 things that I love to do
and eat like a monstaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

with my sister

 Pineapple tart

 Siu long bao

 Piggy lotus bean & red bean bun

Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Ring
my childhood memories ice skating with my bff in there when we were 15

 yea this is my cat. Finally got to go home to bully her :P

 Roasted chicken rice with charsiew, dayuuummm

 not forgetting my old time favourite SS15 Rojak and Cendol stall
had to queue for at least 15-20 mins for it, on weekend is going to be worst probably like at least 30 mins -.-

I always love to add "Pulut" inside my cendol, pulut is the one that looks like rice inside
I know is weird to have rice in your dessert, lol

 Indian Rojak

 my furry little cat having an afternoon nap on the mattress, haha so cute

 the oldest dog in my family
glad to see every one of them at home haha

my mom and aunt in London Chinatown

 learn how to bake some biscuits in Austria with the aunties, fun time!!

 the place is so small, but she still want to sneak inside and hide
guess she felt quite safe in there , lol 

Nasi Kandar is like Indian style of mixed rice
lots of curry dishes can be chose, fish curry, mutton curry, beef curry, chicken curry... Lol
and add on your rice, hahaha
it might look messy, but please trust me you would love it!
easily found in any mamak or indian shop 
I am so hungry now 
 Mee Goreng, fried egg noodle indian style

 thosai bawang

 Pan mee

 Wan tan mee

All kind of beans in there dessert. Lol 

 Me and my mom hehe

 Nyonya kuih
 Kuih dalam

 loh mai gai, can be found in any chinese dim sum shop

 Fried Yam abacus hakka dish

 Fried kuey teow

 when I went back I was shocked since when there is a sky bar !

  finally managed to get back on time to celebrate the twins bday
gathering with the girls !

love them!

 and then 6-7 day of CNY , my mom held a house party inviting her friends to the house to have dinner
and again, lots of fooooood !!

 CNY is almost like a eating feast for the chinese in Malaysia
like me -.-
see how much I ate for this year CNY

 sometimes I like to sit my legs up on the dashboard
but this time I went overboard I tried to disturb the driver as well. hahaha
don't worry, it was during the jam time. I put it down after 10 secs, LOL

 mummy home cook dry noodle. hehe
very less oil, clear dry noodle, healthy food 

 this time I went back to Malaysia I somehow act like a tourist
whatever I eat, I need to take a picture as if I have never seen them hahaha

 Finally got to try this Acme Bar. I know it was quite famous when everyone posted on Facebook before saying this place is a nice place to chill out and stuffs like that
so decided to try
I had to queue like 30 mins, wtf

 Price was expensive and I think is overrated
the food was just so so
if you want to have something nice like that, might as well go to Ben's in Pavilion or KLCC

 so late night in the city centre I still stucked in the jam. 
long time no drive, my driving skills sucks
I was so fierce on road, road ranger. but now I am like a timid mouse, it took me like 1 month to get used the way how people drive here
my mom was worried about me driving out alone, haha

 glad to my college best friend, Ashley. catch up time with her :P

Mango dessert
and more dessert

my cat
hahha my cat is cooler than yours !

I never go to facial in London, because is expensive? lol
so when I went back, I had to go for facial to clearrrrrrrrrr my face

This is some Malay kuih
I don't know why is so green either, lol
no idea what it is called

bak kut teh
 which includes lots of chinese herbs and pork
I can cook this, super nice when you have it during winter time
taste so good!

I have seen many of my friends went to this Charlie Chaplin cafe posted all over on social media
so I decided to try with my mom
they serve western food, coffees & desserts
is more to a concept cafe, the food was just so so. but still... you can try!

Durian pancake, hell yeah!
I can't get enough of this. I bought this from Puchong IOI Mall, the restaurant opposite Maxis & Chinese herbal shop or right beside the parking exit
it taste so much better than the KLCC durian pancake
one of my favourite dessert of all

and finish off my post with my tigger
so cute yet so naughty :P

Thats all I guess for my Malaysia eating adventure post. Lol
this is why people say Malaysia is a food paradise, making me missing it so much right now
if you are planning to go Malaysia, please empty your stomach and start eating whatever!
next post Im gonna blog about my Thailand trip
once again, full of food pictures. Lol
you just can't get away of eating when you're traveling so just please understand me?  hahaha

end with loves xx